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About Geek And Dad™, LLC

Geek And Dad™, LLC is a small software development company founded in 2008 by a geek and his dad. Focused on having a good time while creating fun software, Geek And Dad plays in Corbett Oregon, USA.
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Geek was 11 years old when Geek And Dad™ was founded and is the motivator for this site. It's all his dad's fault, but he's dabbled in way too many languges at this point (XML, XSL, PHP, CSS, HTML, Java, Javascript, Python (and PyGame etc), Ruby (and Rails), C, ObjectiveC, Lua, and...?).
//geek talking in JavaScript
var geek = new GeekyKid();
geek.age = 11;
#geek talking in python
geek = GeekyKid()
geek.age = 11
<!-- geek talking in XML -->
<kid name="geek" mentality="geeky">
geek image Dad was 42 when Geek And Dad™ was founded and he continues to struggle to keep up with the rapid switch of attention span of Geek but is enjoying helping actualize his visions. For his day job, Dad runs Haiku Software, Inc.